Still Life Interiors, an esteemed high-end interior design firm, specializes in delivering comprehensive design services, managing new builds and remodels, and curating exquisite furnishings across the Front Range of Colorado and Estes Park.

Under the leadership of Cris Maguire, our commitment extends beyond aesthetics to ensure a seamless, quality-driven process that prioritizes your vision and objectives.

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Begin your journey with Still Life Interiors through a complimentary, 20-minute Discovery Call, either over the phone or through video chat. This initial conversation allows us to get to know each other and assess compatibility with your project goals and aspirations.

Initial Consultation: Let’s meet! During this paid, 2-hour session I’ll come to you to get a clearer understanding of the scope of work. (For new construction we will meet at your current home or our design studio). While there, I’ll take pictures and notes as well as offer preliminary design recommendations and next steps. From this meeting a design proposal with defined scope of work and fee schedule will be developed. This consultation can be a stand-alone service, and you’re welcome to use my suggestions to implement yourself, but for many clients, this consultation is the launching point for our continued collaboration for their remodel or new build. Cost for the 2-Hour initial site review and consultation is $350.

Design Agreement: After the in-home consultation an initial proposal, tailored to your project, will be presented which outlines the scope of work, including fee structures (set fee or hourly fee, depending on the project), clarifies the deliverables and my responsibilities, lists what is not included, and includes a preliminary soft budget. 

Phase One: Introductions, Initial Consultation & Design Agreement

Design Development: This is where the fun really begins! We will start with an overall design concept for your space, the “vibe” we are aiming to achieve. From here we will further develop the design direction, covering space planning, lighting, millwork, form & function flow, architectural details, and renderings. If soft furnishings are also included in the scope of work we will develop needs and placement. This phase often involves working closely with other members of the build team- architect, builder, subcontractors.

Specification: The project design is further detailed with full material selections and detailed layout drawings. Materials selections will be presented for approval, along with finalized cabinetry, tile, and lighting plans.

Phase Two: Design Development & Specification

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Procurement: Still Life Interiors procures all approved materials and/or furnishings. All items are received, inspected, and held until delivery to the job site. Throughout this process we will work with the vendors, the build team, and specialty trades to ensure everything is being build to our specifications.  

Installation: When it’s time to pull everything together we will be onsite collaborating with contractors and subcontractors to ensure safe and proper installation. Completing site walk-throughs and construction document reviews to make sure the execution stays true to the design. Furnishings and final touches will be delivered and installed following completion of any construction and final cleanings. 

Experience the epitome of sophistication and excellence with Still Life Interiors, where your design journey is curated with precision, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Phase Three: Procurement and Installation

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When working with Still Life Interiors, our first conversation is complimentary, and the 2-hour, in-home consultation is $350. From there, our design agreement will lay out whether your project will have a fixed rate or an hourly fee, and the total cost entirely depends on the scope of the project.

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer in Colorado?

This question comes up a lot, which might be because many people confuse interior design with interior decorating. While some interior designers may decorate, interior decorators do not design. Interior design is very technical, and while we work with aesthetics, we also work on a technical level with the architects, builders, and contractors involved in a project. An interior designer creates floor plans and elevation drawings, is involved in budget creation, specifies and procures materials, does site walk-throughs, and ensures the execution of a build or remodel stays true to the design.

What does an interior designer do?

Absolutely. Because of my long standing connections in the design field, I am able to procure materials and furnishings for my clients at competitive price points, and my clients find the items are much more unique and personalized. If you have an issue with any of the materials or furnishings I’ve procured while working together, just contact me, and I’ll be happy to handle the warranty and help resolve the problem.

Can you help with product warranties after working with you?

Yes! I love sourcing furnishings! Furniture and accessories are a wonderful way to breathe new life into your existing space or finish out your new home. If you’re looking to give your home an update, I’ll purchase and install new pieces, integrate pieces that you own and love, and include all the staples needed to make a great space, including window coverings, lighting, furniture, and art. Whether we are shopping for fully custom pieces, readily available, or antiques I’ve got you covered.

Can I hire you to do just furnishings?